Shipping costs by vendor

The shipping costs charged by Gunpla vendors vary a lot, ranging from flat shipping rates to costs that depend on the numbers of products or their weight and size. The table below provides approximate shipping costs that are illustrative for an order consisting of a single and typical High Grade kit.

Some things to keep in mind: in cases where the shipping costs vary by state, the average shipping cost is shown. Additionally, some vendors offer a premium shipping option that is more extensive in exchange for faster delivery times. In such cases, the price of the regular shipping option is shown. Lastly, some vendors offer free shipping when the total order value exceeds a certain amount. These are not shown here, but it may be worth it to double-check if this is the case and buy your kits in bulk to save on shipping costs.

VendorApprox. shipping costs
A-Z Toy Hobby$9.99
Galactic Toys$5.50
Glacier Hobbies$10.00
Gundam Place Store$9.99
Gundam Planet$10.00
Gundam Shoppers Network$12.00
Gunpla Style$11.00
Hobby Action$9.20
Impulse Hobbies$10.15
JoJo Hobby n Stuff$9.85
LA Scale Model$6.10
Leaping Panda Hobbies$9.99
M R S Hobby Shop$9.99
Mecha Warehouse$9.99
Midwest Hobby and Craft$6.00
Robot 4 Less$18.00
Robot Kai$8.00
The Gunpla Hermit Shop$10.00
Toy Arena$10.99
USA Gundam Store$9.99