If you’re new to the world of Gundam plastic model kits, commonly known as Gunpla, you may have encountered various grades while exploring different options. In this article, we’ll provide a concise breakdown of the different Gunpla grades available, helping you navigate the vast selection and make informed purchasing decisions.

Entry Grade (EG)
Entry Grade Gunpla is the newest addition to the Gunpla lineup, designed specifically for beginners and those who want a simple and affordable building experience. These kits feature a snap-fit assembly, meaning no glue or paint is required. Entry Grade Gunpla offers a great introduction to the world of Gunpla, allowing enthusiasts to start their collection with ease.

High Grade (HG)
High Grade Gunpla kits are the most common and affordable entry point for beginners and enthusiasts alike. They typically feature simplified designs, smaller size (1/144 scale), and fewer parts. HG kits are known for their easy assembly and articulation, offering a good balance between price and quality.

Real Grade (RG)
Real Grade Gunpla sets a higher standard for detail and complexity. These kits, also in 1/144 scale, boast intricate part separation and advanced articulation, capturing the essence of the Gundam series. RG kits appeal to modelers who seek greater realism and a challenging building experience.

Master Grade (MG)
Master Grade Gunpla takes craftsmanship to the next level. These 1/100 scale kits offer exceptional detail, advanced construction techniques, and extensive articulation. MG kits often include inner frames, enabling a wide range of dynamic poses. With more parts and complexity, they require intermediate skills and provide a rewarding building experience.

Perfect Grade (PG)
Perfect Grade Gunpla represents the pinnacle of plastic modeling. These 1/60 scale kits offer unparalleled detail, extensive articulation, and intricate internal mechanisms. PG kits demand advanced modeling skills and significant investment, but they reward builders with museum-quality replicas of iconic mobile suits.

Super Deformed (SD)
Super Deformed Gunpla kits offer a unique twist on the traditional Gundam models. These chibi-style kits feature exaggerated proportions and simplified designs. SD kits are smaller and less complex, making them perfect for quick and enjoyable builds, collectors, or younger enthusiasts.

Gunpla comes in various grades, each catering to different preferences and skill levels. From the simple and affordable Entry Grade to the highly detailed and challenging Perfect Grade, there’s a Gunpla grade for everyone. Understanding the distinctions between these grades will assist you in selecting Gunpla kits that align with your interests, skill level, and budget. Happy building!