HG RGM-79 Powered GM (2006 Edition) – A Not So Trigger-Happy Mobile Suit

It has been almost six months since I wrote my last Gunpla review. This means that it has also been almost half a year since I built my last Gunpla. Aside from the Gundam Schwarzette from the Witch of Mercury, I had the RGM-79 on my backlog for a while. And while I would have liked to get started on the Schwarzette due to its amazing design, I thought this kit would be better to shake off the rust.

Opening the box, it was what I was hoping for in the first place. The number of runners was not that high, and the kit only required a minimal number of stickers. If I recall correctly, it only had four stickers in fact. There was one for the shield, one for the waist armor (although incredibly tiny!), and two black ones for both heels.

The building process was perfect for a warming up. I did not really have any trouble getting parts to fit, even though the kit is almost 20 years old (!) by now. Assembly was also quite straightforward and none of the segments really stood out as being too complicated. I also liked the clear green parts for the visor. Usually, kits come with a green sticker for the eyes that can be quite hard to place correctly. Thankfully, that was not the case for this kit.

After building the kit, it was time to pose the RGM-79. I started by trying to pose the kit with the rocket launcher it comes with. However, I noticed that the rocket launcher was hard to position alongside the arms of the kit. Because of this I decided to go with the assault rifle it comes with. The kit also comes with a light saber handle and two nice looking pink saber blades.

Unfortunately, the opposite side of the trigger finger is only attached to the rest of the hand by a single and small part sticking out. This meant that the hand kept falling off. As a result, I had to focus on posing the rest of the kit first and then carefully attaching the hand and assault rifle without messing up the pose while holding the trigger finger parts together with one hand. Aside from this, however, posing the kit was quite okay since the legs and torso were quite sturdy.

Overall, this kit is quite okay if you are looking for a kit that is easy and quick to build. The downside is that visually, it is not that interesting unless you have a soft spot for suits like this or the Stardust Memory movie the RGM is from. On the positive side, the kit is not bad at all for a kit that’s almost 20 years old. If you are looking to get one, be sure to take a look at the model kit here.

And that is it for this review. I personally cannot wait to get started on the Schwarzette and look forward to sharing my experience of building it with you on here. Until the next one!