A Price Analysis of Master Grade Gunpla model kits

Hey there fellow Gunpla enthusiasts, and welcome to what is already the third edition of this blog series in which we conduct a deep dive into the pricing of the models kits we are so passionate about. In this edition, we’ll cover the Master Grade line of Gunpla model kits. Let’s get started, shall we?

First things first: concerning the dataset used to conduct this analysis, this analysis covers 154 different Master Grade model kits of which we track prices from almost twelve vendors on average. In fact, the total number of Master Grade offerings across US Gunpla vendors that were gathered for this analysis comes in at 1831.

Moving on to the findings, we discovered that the average price for a Master Grade kit is $59.30. This means that Master Grade kits are definitely more expensive than the Real Grade or High Grade kits we covered in previous editions of this blog series, of which the average model kit prices were $39 and $23.66, respectively.

As before, however, we have to note that the average price offers a distorted picture due to some kits being extraordinarily expensive. Although both are of the Master Grade Extreme (MG EX) line, notable outliers are the MG EX Unicorn Gundam (Ver. Ka) with an average price of over $270 and the MG EX Strike Freedom Gundam of which the average price comes in at almost $170.

In such cases, it is more representative to look at the price of the typical model kit (the median value). In this case, the price of a typical MG kit is almost 10% lower in this case at $54.99. And even excluding the MG EX model kits, there are still quite a few kits that are as draining on your wallet as they look amazing. For example, the Plan303E Deep Striker costs over $200, and the Unicorn Gundam Phenex and Ex-S Gundam will set you back over $140.

On the bright side, however, the potential for cost savings is also higher when purchasing a Master Grade kit as compared to a High Grade. When we compare the cheapest prices for model kits compared to their average price, the average absolute cost savings are just below $7.50. And relatively the average cost savings rate is almost %13.50. So, if you’re a common buyer of MG models, it’s definitely worth your time to use our website for a quick price comparison.

As for the price differences between Gundam series, those looking to splurge will find it easiest to do on model kits that originate from Gundam Sentinel, Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, or Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt. The respective average prices of MG kits of these series are approximately $158, $92, and $83.

For those who are in the market for a MG kit and are looking to spend less money, be sure to take a look at the available options from Mobile Fighter G Gundam, Mobile Suit Victory Gundam, and Mobile Suit Gundam AGE, as these series have the lowest average prices for MG kits.

And that’s a wrap for this third edition of the price analysis series. As always, thanks a lot for taking the time to read our articles and be sure to visit our website to profit from that average cost savings rate of almost %13.50 whenever you’re looking for your next MG purchase. Have a good day and until next time!