HG Gundam Schwarzette (2023 Edition) – More Than 15 Minutes of Fame

The Gundam Schwarzette is notorious for the little amount of screentime it received in the Witch from Mercury. To many, it is the best-looking suit of the anime. Its unique color schema consisting of white, grey, and purple/pink accents looked amazing on-screen. But the question is, does its respective High Grade kit hold up?

In short: yes, yes, and yes. Opening the box reveals four runners. One consisting fully of white / light-grey parts, one consisting of the inner frame and darker parts, one consisting of transparent parts, and a mixed one. The lighter parts look quite good by themselves, but you can really bring them out when using Gundam markers, although I recommend a grey one instead of a black one to avoid a too cartoony feel to it. Be prepared to be pleasantly surprised when you are done building, as it is the combination of colors of this kit that makes it look really good.

Moreover, there are two sheets for stickers. One for the body of the kit, which are applied to its head, legs, and torso, and one for the Schwarzette Buster Sword or marionette parts, depending on your preference. Although I usually dislike applying stickers, these were not bad at all. For this kit, they made a lot of small nooks and corners in which the stickers are to be placed. This makes it really easy to position them correctly.

The building process itself was also indicatory of a modern High Grade kit. The parts are sturdy, easy to connect, and keep you interested throughout the building process. For me personally, I kind of get bored while building the arms and legs as you have to build everything twice. But for the Schwarzette kit, these were engineered in a manner so that one does not have to spend the bulk of time on these areas.

Once built, the model is quite sturdy. That is not to say that all is perfect, however, as there were some small issues during assembly and posing. For example, one of the horns on the head kept falling off for me. I am not sure if this was my fault, but the part itself is really thin and so it can be a bit of a hassle to keep applying it. Overall, I would say it is really good though.

On the topic of posing: this is where this kit really shines. This is because the parts of the sword can be used in multiple ways. For example, you can build a huge blade resembling Cloud’s Buster Sword. Or you remove the bulky parts of the blade and create a sort of wing with the purple and pink accents as seen in the Witch from Mercury (my personal wing!). Or you can pose the parts flying around the kit. There are a lot of options actually, so I probably do not remember them all.

In conclusion, the High Grade kit of the Gundam Schwarzette is a definite buy in my opinion. Its design is one of the best, if not the best, of the Witch from Mercury. And because the kit is so new, one enjoys an amazingly smooth building and posing experience. Lastly, because it is a High Grade kit, its price point is very friendly as well. So, if you are interested, be sure to take a look here. Until the next review!